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And these are our adventures in 2023…Neuigkeiten 2023


Anuedis Man On The Moon “PEPE” is




After we had the official certificate of the title „GERMAN CHAMPION VDH“ in the mail yesterday, our PEPE can now officially bear the title. We are so proud of him!!!!
PEPE has now been awarded the champion title in 3 countries D-B-CH and can now also call itself a multi-champion.

We are so happy that he got these titles despite Corona and the few exhibitions we took part in and will celebrate this with extra treats.

A big thank you to Federica, who entrusted Pepe to us, and to all the judges who made this possible with their wonderful reviews and appreciation.



SRA LCD e. V. – Schloss Namedy Andernach / 25.06.2023

Judge: Philippe Lammens (F)

After some time it was SHOW-TIME for us again and so we exhibited 2 of our boys on this hot day ☀️☀️☀️☀️:


Veteran Class

– EXC 1



Champion class

– EXC 1

Many thanks to the judge Philippe Lammens for the nice judging and the great reports. Despite the hot weather, he took his time with each dog and wrote detailed reviews.

Many thanks to the entire team of the Rhine-Moselle regional group. It was once again a perfectly organized and great show in front of the beautiful backdrop of Namedy Castle. Dogs and humans were well taken care of. There were refreshments and treats for everyone. We had a lot of fun and it was a great day with lots of nice people.
At this point, a big THANK YOU to the sponsors for the many wonderful gifts.



After we finally managed to apply for the title, we are happy and proud to hold the Belgian Champion certificate in our hands. Our

❤️Anuedis Man On The Moon ❤️ „PEPE“ ❤️

may wear the title





This lively little guy always enchants us and together with Federica we are super proud of him.

A heartfelt thank you to Federica who entrusted Pepe to us and to all the judges who made this possible with their wonderful evaluations and appreciation.



We finally did it and applied for the title!

CIE-, UK-, INT-, Multi Vet.-CH, Multi-CH & Multi-Jgd. CH, Multi-VET-CH, World Veteran Winner 2021 BLACKSUGAR LUIS “Luis” is now official




With this title, Luis ends his successful show career – even if he is still in top condition and still presents himself in the ring with a lot of joy – and goes into his well-deserved retirement. We look forward to many more healthy and active years with Luis. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

We had a lot of fun together in the ring and were able to celebrate many successes.


We can proudly and gratefully look back on numerous titles and awards:

– World Veteran Winner 2021

– International Champion

– Multi Veteran Champion

– Multi Champion

– Multi Youth Champion

– numerous BIS’s and BOG’s as well as placings in the ring of honour

– numerous BOB’s and BOS’s as well as placements in the show ring

– Veteran Champion in D (LCD), B, NL and CH

– Champion in D (LCD, DRC & VDH), UK, B, NL, LUX, HR, AT and CH

– Youth Champion in D (LCD & VDH), B, LUX and NL

– placed on Crufts multiple times

– 3 x LCD Club Winner 2014, 2017 & 2018

– ÖRC Club Winner in Austria 2016 & BLRC Club Winner in Belgium 2018

– German Winner 2014 & 2015

– Winner of Amsterdam 2015

– Youth Winner of Amsterdam 2013

– Benelux Winner NL 2015 and B 2017

– numerous daily titles


But above all, Luis is the champion of our hearts!❤️❤️❤️


We lived a dream and say THANK YOU to

… LUIS, you made it easy for us and you were always a showman who presented himself great and with joy in the ring

… France, Katrin & Ulli for this wonderful male

… to all the judges who appreciated our Luis so much and gave them great reviews and who wrote the nice reports

… to all the special management and their teams who made the exhibitions possible with their commitment

… to everyone who has accompanied and supported us on this path and cheered and celebrated with us

… Britta Lantz, for the great photo she took of our Luis in England