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Our reports from 2017…


This year we could win a very special title with our Luis:

UK show champion !!!!

We are still totally happy and on cloud nine. It makes us proud to see the great reviews of the judges. Many Thanks !!!


OD (5) 1 Praetzas NL/B/LCD/VDH/GER/HRCH Blacksugar Luis

This top class black was in full bloom and looking a picture, strongly built of good size and balance, well shaped head, alert expression, good angulations, deep through the brisket, great bady properties, powerful hind quarters, sound in movement, presented to perfection and showed with animation. Pleased to award him the CC and my co-judge delighted to make him BIS.

Isobel Key


OD (13,6) 1 Praetzas NL/B/LCD/VDH/GER/HRCH Blacksugar Luis.

Now in his prime, this super boy looked really well today and completely filled my eye. He has a fabulous head, proper length of muzzle, a kind eye of good colour, correct amount of stop and a melting expression. His coat is excellent in texture, with a good undercoat and he has a proper otter tail. He has a strong neck into good shoulders, good besket, good rib and short coupled in a strong loin into good quarters on good bone and feet. He has leg length to balance the picture. Moved soundly. Very much at one with his handler who showed him to his best advantage to win the CC and RBIS

Lesly Dantinnes


We received a premature Christmas present

and are sooooo happy with the results of our Atticus for Loch Mor “ Tico “ (Nelson for Loch Mor of Finnwoods & Swanslake Princess):
EIC: N/N – HNPK: N/N – SD2: N/N – CNM: N/N
Genotype: BBee, pure yellow

Furthermore, the eye examination and the X-ray have given the following results:
Eyes: free, everything ok
HD: A1/A2 and ED: 0/0
In addition: scissor bite, full-dention.
Just great and we are mega-happy !!!!



International purebred dog show Kassel

Judge: Gerda Groeneweg (NL)

2nd show day in Kassel with Tico, Travis & Scotty and again great results:

ATTICUS FOR LOCH MOR „Tico“ – youth class (9 entries) EXC1, Jug-VDH-CAC & Best Youngster

CH. A SENSE OF PLEASURE’S TRAVEL DEVIL „Travis“ Champion Class (6 entries) V

LOCH MOR BUDWEISER „Scotty“ – Open class (11 entries) V2

We would like to thank the judge Gerda Groeneweg for the nice judging and the special leadership for the nice show.
Well done guys!!!



National purebred dog show Kassel

Judge: Gisela Werner (D)

Today we participated in the show with Tico, Travis & Scotty and we are happy about the following results:

ATTICUS FOR LOCH MOR „Tico“ – youth class (9 entries) EXC1, Youth.-VDH-CAC + Best Youngster

CH. A SENSE OF PLEASURE’S TRAVEL DEVIL „Travis“ – Champion class (5 entries) EXC3

LOCH MOR BUDWEISER „Scotty“ – Open class (12 entries) EXC4

A big thank you to the judge Gisela Werner for the pleasant and nice judging as well as for the high esteem of our dogs. We would also like to thank the special management for the good organization.

It was a nice day with our boys !!!



Officially confirmed:

Blacksugar Luis is UK – Show – Champion !!!!!!!!!!!

Our dream was to make Luis the English Show Champion and since today we hold this dream in the form of the certificate in our hands !!!!

We were able to achieve the required 3 CC’s together with him on the following shows:

Kent, Sussex & Surrey LRC Championshow Show, 02.04.2017

Judge: Lesley Dantinnes (GB)

EXC1 / Open Class – Best Male – Res. Best in Show

Northumberland & Durham LRC Championshow Show, 14.10.2017

Judge: Isobel Key (GB): EXC1/Open Class – Best Male– Best of Breed

Judge: Isobel Key (GB)/Ann Britton (GB): Best in Show

North West LRC Championshow Show, 15.10.2017

Judge: Lynda Heron (GB): EXC1 / Open Class – Best Male – Best of Breed

Judge: Lynda Heron (GB)/Philippe Lammens (F): Best in Show

We are still overwhelmed and we are so happy.

Luis Parents: Blacksugar Ibiza & A Sense Of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker would be proud of him !!!


Once again a very big thank you to the judges, who made this dream come true with their high opinion of Luis.
At this point, we would also say thank you to the many, dear people who supported us in and around the ring, but also at home, and who are happy for and with us.


A very special thank you also to our Luis, our showman, who is something very special for us – not only in the ring, but also beside the ring. Stay as you are, our dear, funny and cuddly stubborn head!



Eurodogshow Kortrijk

Judge: Eric Parr / GB

For this year’s show, we traveled with 4 of our boys and are very happy about the following results:


Atticus For Loch Mor „Tico“
Youth Class – EXC1, Youth CAC-B & Best Youngster


Loch Mor Budweiser „Scotty“
Open class – EXC3


Sir Nero Of Erka Castle „Nero“
Veteran class – EXC2


A Sense of Pleasure’s Travel Devil „Travis“
Champion class – EXC1. CAC-B, CACIB-B & Best Male, BOS


We would like to thank Eric Parr for the really nice judging and for appreciating our dogs so much.



Puppies of the Kennel A SENSE OF PLEASURE’S dob: 08/27/2017

CIB Waterline’s Selleria & CIB Blacksugar Luis



A successful weekend in England – Luis becomes UK Champion!!!

Once again it was showtime for us in England and so we showed our Luis on Saturday, 14.10.2017 at the Northumberland & Durham LRC Championship Show and Sunday, 15.10.2017 at the North West LRC Championship Show 15.10.2017. We can be very happy because on both days Luis won the Open Class and also became BEST MALE with CC. With winning these 2 CC’S he now has all points together and is.


***** UK-CHAMPION *****


To crown it all, he was also awarded BEST IN SHOW on both days. We are very happy about this success at the qualitatively and quantitatively (1st day: approx. 200 entries / 2nd day approx. 300 entries) very well attended shows. At this point again THANKS to the judges: 1st day: Isobel Key (GB) – males & BIS and Ann Britton (GB) – BIS / 2nd day Linda Heron (GB) – males & BIS and Philippe Lammens (F) – BIS.



Work & Show des LCD Haus Hall

at 09/23+24/2017
For the first time, this event was organized and implemented by the LCD-Rhineland Regional Group and it was a great weekend!

On Saturday, we worked as a helper at work and had a great day there with the judges Cinzia Sgorbati (I), Gabi Elfers (GER), Rony Michiels and Jürgen Laux (GER). We have been able to gather many new experiences and have seen great teams working.

On Sunday we took part with our dogs on the show, which was directed by the judge Cinzia Sgorbati (I) and were able to look forward to great results:

Atticus For Loch Mor „Tico“ – Youth class (11 entries) – EXC2, Res. Youth CAC LCD and VDH

Ch. A Sense Of Pleasure’s Travel Devil „Travis“ Champion Class (3 entries) – EXC1 with Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH. He got the CAC-LCD and was finally BOS.

We would like to sincerely thank the judge for the very nice reports and the great reports.

We would also like to thank the special lines Bastian Franken (work) and Simone Wegner (show) with their teams, who have ensured a successful weekend through the great organization and their commitment.

The catering by the pioneer train was fantastic !!!



Now it is official

Our Sir Nero of Erka Castle is now Croatian Veteran Champion.

We are soooooo happy for Nero.



Luis and Travis on Tour… RCS Clubshow Burgdorf (CH)

In beautiful weather and on a nice terrain, we showed today our two boys under the honorable judge Arwyn Ellis (GB) and are happy about great results:

Ch. A SENSE OF PLEASURE’S TRAVEL DEVIL „Travis“ – Open Class (11 Press Releases): V1 with CAC-CH

Multi JGd.Ch./ Multi Ch. & CIE BLACKSUGAR LUIS – Champion class: (7 messages): V1 with CAC-CH

Wonderful conclusion of the show: Luis becomes BEST MALE!!!

We would like to thank the judge Arwyn Ellis for the nice and pleasant judging and the very nice words about our dogs as well as the whole show team for the successful organization of the show.

Again a nice day in nice surroundings and with many dear people.




Judge: Erica Jayes – GB (Sandylands)

We are very happy on the way back home with our show Team.

First time with us in the show ring: our youngster Tapeatom Major Tom – Puppy Dog Class (10 entries) – place 5 VHC

Luis and Travis started in Open class (8 entries)

Blacksugar Luis – place 2

A Sense of Pleasure’s Travel Devil – place 3, with this he gets his Stud Book Number and is Crufts qualified for life.

At the end Luis got the res. CC. Until now he gains 1 CC and 3 res. CC.


Thank you very much Erica Jayes for appreciating our dogs so much and also to the comittee for the super organisation.

Once again a wonderful weekend in UK with lovely people.



This is our new family member of our pack:

Tico (Atticus For Loch Mor)

during training in our garden.



CACIB Kreuzlingen (CH)

Judge: Kirsi Nieminen (FIN)

The early getting up and the long journey were worthwhile, our two guys were successful on tour.

Ch. A Sense Of Pleasure’s Travel Devil „Travis“ – Open Class (4 entries) V1, CAC-CH

Multi Jgd.-Ch., Multi Ch. & CIE Blacksugar Luis – Champion Class (4 entries) V1, CAC-CH

In the end, he also received the Res.-CACIB.

A very warm thank you to the judge Kirsi Nieminen for the high appreciation of our dogs as well as the great reports!

Tired, but happy about this great day.



28. Club Show des RCL / Mertert (LUX)

Richter: Hans Stigt (NL)

At this year’s clubshow our guys have made us very proud again.

Ch. A Sense Of Pleasure’s Travel Devil „Travis“ – Open Class (7 entries) V1, CAC-Lux.

With the win of the CAC, Travis got the last point and is now also Luxemburger Champion!

Multi Jgd.-Ch., Multi Ch. & CIE Blacksugar Luis – Champion Class (4 entries) V1, CAC-Lux.

In the end, he was the best male (BOS). Wow what a day!

At this point once again big congrats to Anne-Charlotte, who became with her bitch Lutti de l’Etang Balancet BOB.

Congratulations to all satisfied exhibitors!

Thanks to Ferny and her whole team, who organized this show on the beautiful grounds again so great.

Thanks to Hans for the great judging and the wonderful words about our guys.

Thanks to Rodney and the team at the judge table for the great support.

Thanks to Birgit for the beautiful blanket (dogzz).

A very successful day!!!! Pictures will follow!



A beautiful day comes to an end.

We were as spectators at the LCD Show Gelsenkirchen

Judge: Kalvo Kriisk

Oliva v.t. Wolmker (first time shown) won the strong intermediate class V1 VDH – CAC

(A Sense of Pleasure Travel Devil x Bibi v.t Wolmker)

Thank you JW Verhaag for showing Travis daughter so well.

Congratulations again.




Today we got the certificate and we are really proud, that our „old“ gentlemen is now LCD-veteren-champion.

A big thank you to the judjes Margaret Gawthorpe (GB), Eric Parr (GB) and Ginette Oulton (GB) for the nice and kind words about our Nero.



The show continues … with the LCD Night and Club show

27./28.05.2017 Erftstadt-Gymnich

We had the pleasure to present our dogs (Saturday: Travis / Sunday: Nero, Travis and Luis) in beautiful weather on the great area of the Gymnicher Mill and came home with great results.

Night-Show – Saturday, 27.05.2017 / Judge: Sergio Scarpellini (IT)

A SENSE OF PLEASURE’S TRAVEL DEVIL „Travis“ – Champion class (6 entries): EXC2 with Res.-Anw. GER. Ch. VDH

Club show – Sunday, 28.05.2017 / Judge: Philippe Lammens (F)

SIR NERO OF ERKA CASTLE „Nero“ – Veteran Class (4 entries): EXC2 with Res.-Anw. GER. Vet.-Ch. VDH

CH A SENSE OF PLEASURE’S TRAVEL DEVIL „Travis“ – Open class (7 notifications): EXCV4.

Multi Jth. CH/ Multi CH & CIE BLACKSUGAR LUIS – Champion class: (6 entries): EXC1 with LCD-CAC and Anw. GER Ch. VD and BOS. After 2014, Luis is the second time LCD-CLUBWINNER!!!! We still can*t really believe it and we are so happy.

Congrats to Katrin mit Page zum BOB.

At this point we would like to thank the two judges for the great judging, the wonderful reports and the lovely words about our guys

Once again, Simone and her team managed to organize a beautiful and well-organized show from start to finish. Great location, lovely decoration, wonderful gifts, smooth running, nice evening with delicious food – Simply great and therefore a big praise and a hearty thank you!

Also we would also like to thank Nicole, who has been leading the showcase for many years with so many heart blood and has always been there. THANK YOU !!!



Great day at BRC Championship Show, Turnhout (07.05.2017)

We are thrilled about the success of our guys at the Championship Show in Turnhout under the judger Mr. Richard Edwards (UK).

A Sense Of Pleasure’s Travel Devil

Travis was placed in the Open Class (8 entries) with EXC4.

C.I.E. Blacksugar Luis

Luis won the Champion Class with EXC1 (4 Meldungen) and became BEST MALE (BOS) / CAC-B. His success could still be beat and he became BEST OF BREED (BOB).

In the end Luis was able to finish the day very successfully and became even BEST IN SHOW (BIS) / 179 entries.


What a day!!!!

Many thanks to the judges Mr. Richard Edwards (UK), Mrs. Gail Brodie (UK) and Mrs. Jana Janek (SK) for your high opinion on our Luis.
We would also like to thank Rony Michiels and his whole team for the great organisation and the nice show.

Pictures: Karolina Pastusiak – Big thanks for the wonderful pics.



Today very happy post arrived from England.

Happy and proud we hold the 1st Challenge Certificate of our Luis (Blacksugar Luis), which he received at the Championship Show 2017 of the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Labrador Retriever Club in Maidstone, in our hands. Thanks again to Lesley Dantinnes for appreciating our Luis so much.



The certificate has just arrived by mail.

Since today C.I.E. Multi Jch & Multi Ch.Blacksugar Luis is also officially Austrian Champion.

We are very happy and would like to thank the judges John Thirlwell (GB), Armstrong Moray (GB) and Richard Stafford (GB) very much.



We are overwhelmed and over the moon.

Today at the championship show of the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Labrador Retriever Club our Blacksugar Luis was really successful.

He won the Open Class, became Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex in Show and Reserve Best in Show. He got his first CC!

Also Travis (A Sense of Pleasure’s Travel Devil) did a great job and became 5. in Open Class.

Thank you to the judge Lesley Dantinnes for appriciating our dogs.

Also a big thank you to the organisation Team for the wonderful show.



Pelle (Assassin Prinssi Pellava) – 09/28/2016 – 03/20/2017

After a short, severe illness our little sunshine Pelle has passed away. He had diarreah and was throwing up because of an inflammation of the intestine. There were no foreign bodies in the intestine. No words can describe how sad we are and what we feel.

He came into our life and enriched our life. With his loving and amusing nature, he wrapped us and all those who were fortunate enough to get to know him, around his fingers and sneaked into all hearts. Pelle will always have a place in our hearts and in our memories. We miss him so much. Nothing is as it was.

Little Pelle, thank you for giving us so much pleasure in this short time. RIP and live well … .when we’ll see each other again !!!!!!

Thanks to Niina and Eva, who entrusted us with this wonderful little man.



IHA Graz 2017 / Judge: Richard Stafford (GB)

At the this year’s show in Graz our boys showed very well and they were rewarded with very good placements.


Open class / 9 entries – EXC2, Res. CACA


Champion class / 7 entries – EXC1, CACA, Res. CACIB

With gaining this CACA Luis has now all points and is now also AUSTRIAN CHAMPION!!!!!!!

For the very kind judging , the wonderful reports and also for the very kind and nice words about our Luis and Travis a big thank you to Richard Stafford.



Great day at the SRA in Obernkirchen

Judge: Eric Parr, GB

Our show-trio Nero, Travis & Pelle made us a wonderful day and also make us very proud!


ASSASSIN PRINSSI PELLAVA „Pelle“:VV1 Baby-Klasse (his first show)


Congrats to Travis’s sister Page (ASOP Tea For Two) for BOB.

For the nice organisation of the show many thanks to Eugenie nd her team.

Many thanks also to Eric Parr fort he kind judging and also fort he wonderful reports.



Our new family member:


With Pelle comes a splash of color into our family. We are happy that he is now with us and enriches our life. Also our boys welcomed him friendly, although they were a bit confused because of the color „the slightly different black“. Already after a few days they are thick friends and inseparable.

We would like to thank the breeder Niina Väisänen for entrusting us with the little guy. Also many thanks to all who supported and helped us to bring Pelle to his new home!

We are looking forward to seeing the little man grow up healthy and lively!