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The show continues … with the LCD Night and Club show

27./28.05.2017 Erftstadt-Gymnich

We had the pleasure to present our dogs (Saturday: Travis / Sunday: Nero, Travis and Luis) in beautiful weather on the great area of the Gymnicher Mill and came home with great results.

Night-Show – Saturday, 27.05.2017 / Judge: Sergio Scarpellini (IT)

A SENSE OF PLEASURE’S TRAVEL DEVIL „Travis“ – Champion class (6 entries): EXC2 with Res.-Anw. GER. Ch. VDH

Club show – Sunday, 28.05.2017 / Judge: Philippe Lammens (F)

SIR NERO OF ERKA CASTLE „Nero“ – Veteran Class (4 entries): EXC2 with Res.-Anw. GER. Vet.-Ch. VDH

CH A SENSE OF PLEASURE’S TRAVEL DEVIL „Travis“ – Open class (7 notifications): EXCV4.

Multi Jth. CH/ Multi CH & CIE BLACKSUGAR LUIS – Champion class: (6 entries): EXC1 with LCD-CAC and Anw. GER Ch. VD and BOS. After 2014, Luis is the second time LCD-CLUBWINNER!!!! We still can*t really believe it and we are so happy.

Congrats to Katrin mit Page zum BOB.

At this point we would like to thank the two judges for the great judging, the wonderful reports and the lovely words about our guys

Once again, Simone and her team managed to organize a beautiful and well-organized show from start to finish. Great location, lovely decoration, wonderful gifts, smooth running, nice evening with delicious food – Simply great and therefore a big praise and a hearty thank you!

Also we would also like to thank Nicole, who has been leading the showcase for many years with so many heart blood and has always been there. THANK YOU !!!