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Our reports from 2014…


20th Retriever – Christmas Show Olten/CH

Judges : Mrs. M. Woods & Mrs. C.E.Turner
One hell of a weekend comes to an end!!!
A Sense of Pleasure’s Travel Devil „Travis“ 9 months (Time Square Ulysses x Coco Loco‘ s Tea Cup)
First time start in youth class : Saturday V2/RES. CAC CH – Sunday V1/CAC CH
On both days start in working class
V1-CAC CH / BOB / Best Working Gundog in Show.
V1 – CAC CH / BOB / 2. BIS / Best Working Gundog in Show
We are overjoyed!!!!!!
Thanks to Michael Gruber and the whole team for the super great organization. We felt very comfortable and will come again with pleasure.



International CACIB – Show in Wels 12/06.+07./2014

Our JCh Blacksugar Luis ( ASOP I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza ) showed himself very good and could win the working-class on both days with EXE1 and got 2 CACA. Furthermore he got the Res.Cacib on the First day. Judges: John Thirlwell (GB) & Armstrong Moray (GB).
Thank you to the showteam ÖKV for the good organisation.


A Sense Of Pleasure’s Travel Devil „Travis“ – 8,5 month

(Time Square Ulysses x Coco Loco’s Tea Cup) presented himself very good on the International Double-CACIB-exhibition in Wels/AT (06./07.12.2014). He was the only one in the puppy-class at both days and was judged with VV from both judges ( John Thirlwell, GB & Armstrong Moray, GB ) and got 2 wonderful reports. We are proud of him!!!




International Dog Show Hannover 2014

Judge: Vera Wilk (D)
Today in his second show A Sense Of Pleasure’s Travil Devil „Travis“ – 7 months (Time Square Ulysses x Coco Loco’s Tea Cup) got a VV 2 and an excellent report:

“7 months old promising happy male, excellent neck-backline with correct tail set, nice otter tail, already very well developed and well arched chest, excellent angulations of fore- and hindquarters, typical coat, excellent pigment as well as bone strength, in movement free and with good thrust, but still a bit loose, a friendly + happy male, very well presented.“


Today our Jgd. Ch. Blacksugar Luis – 2 years (A Sense Of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza) won the Champion Class and got an EXC1. He got the CACIB/CAC and at the end he became BOS (Best of Sex). Many thanks to the special line and the team for the nice organisation and to the judge Vera Wilk for the kind judging and the wonderful report.



Character test in Aachen/Herzogenrath – Judge: Karin Lelie

Today A Sense of Pleasure’s Travel Devil „Travis“ passed with 7 months the German Character Test and got an excellent report. It was a wonderful day! Thanks to the special line and her team for the good organisation as well as to the judge Karin Lelie for the judgement and the wonderful report.

The 7 months old male with nice balanced temperament, showed very good bonding and good leadership. Strangers he meets friendly and confident. His prey and fetch instinct were very pronounced. The play and scent instinct was pronounced. On the course he was interested and fearless. A male with very nice dispositions and sure to shoot.



Bundessiegerausstellung & International Exhibition on 18/19.10.2014 in Dortmund

For the first time we started with our LCD & VDH./LUX/B NL JCh. Blacksugar Luis – 2 Jahre (ASOP I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza) at the VDH in the Champion-class and we are very happy about the result: Saturday EXE2 and Sunday EXE3 in always well-staffed Champion-Class! From both judges Philippe Lammens & Francesco Cochetti (IT) Luis got very nice reports. Thanks therefor to the judges.



International Dog Show CAC/CACIB

Maastricht 09/27+28/2014

At the weekend our JCh Blacksugar Luis (A Sense Of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza) started on both days in the working-class and got an EXE1 on each day. Saturday he became Best of Sex (BOS) and Sunday Best of Breed (BOB). So he got on both days the CAC + the CACIB. At the end in the honour-ring he became 2. in the FCI-group 8.
Thank you to the judges Mr. Hochstenbach and Mrs. Beke for the nice judging and the excellent reports!




V1 & BOS (Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH & DRC-CAC, CACIB)

At the show our Blacksugar Luis (A Sense of Pleasure’s I’m a Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza) could prevail in the intermediate class with a V1 and then he became BOS. So he is GERMAN WINNER 2014! Thanks to judge S. Höger (A) for the nice judging and the great report and to the whole show team for the good organization! We are happy!



SRA Bordesholm

A wonderful day comes to an end in the far north. Today our Blacksugar Luis ( A Sense of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza) started at the show in intermediate class. He won this with V1 and got the CAC. At the end Luis could win against the Best Female and became BOB.
Thanks to the judge Carol Reynolds for the great judging, the wonderful report and the kind words.
Thanks to Martina Schmalz and her team of helpers for the great organization!
We are already looking forward to the ring training tomorrow with Fabian Negron!

It was all around successful day !!!!


V1,Anw. Dt. CH. (LDD +VDH), BOB

22 month black, very balanced, musculin head with very kind expresion, very correct upper arm + reach of neck, short coupled, very powerfull hind quarter, very good topline and tailset, well let down hacks, plenty of bone, standing four square at all times, moving and showing very well

Judge: Carol Reynolds (GB)



LCD SRA Night Show 09.08.2014 und LCD SRA 10.08.2014 in Stolberg

On both days our Blacksugar Luis

(A Sense of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza)
Dt. Jgd. Ch. (LCD&VDH), LUX, B & NL Jgd. Ch., LCD Clubsieger 2014, Saarlandsieger 2014 could come out on top and could get EXE2 in a strong and very good Intermediate Class. Thanks to the judges Maurice Givan (GB) und Marion Hopkinson (GB) forn the kind words and the great reports.


Well matured black, 22 month old, developing very well, georgeous head, lovely eyecolour, correct length of muzzle, nice stop, well placed ears, strong clean neck, flewing into well placed shoulders, level topline, nice turn of stifle, strong hind quarters, standing on nice feet, lovely bone, moved well.

Judge: Maurice Givan (GB)


„Very nice in profile, well balanced, short coupled, good brisket, excellent bone, bite correct, head just a little bit plain, excellent hacks, well muscled behind, very nice dog

Judge: Marion Hopkinson (GB)

Further more we would like to say thank you to Simone Wegner and her team for the nice organisation.

A special thank you to Dagmar Emmerich (Art of Picture) for these wonderful pictures.



Today we went with Blacksugar Luis to Dr. Blendinger for spermiogram.

All values are perfect…..he is fertile!!!!

We are happy!!!


7. National & 12 International Dog Show in Erfurt – 06/14+15/2014

Blacksugar Luis / 20 month
(A Sense of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza)
At the first day Luis could win the Intermediate Class with EXE1 and got the Res.-CAC. Also at the second day he won the Intermediate Class with EXE1. Well done Luis!!!


A Sense of Pleasure’s Travil Devil (13 weeks), called Travis

(Time Square Ulysses x Coco Loco’s Tea Cup)



29th International Pedigree Dog Show Saarbrücken – VDH

Judge: Horst Kliebenstein (D)
Although it was very warm today our Blacksugar Luis (20 month)
Lux.Jgd./NL-Jgd./Belg.Jgd./LCDJGD-/VDH.JGD-CH/Jgd.Win.Amsterdam/LCD Clubsieger2014
(A Sense of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza) did a great job and could win the Intermediate Class with EXC1. With becoming the Best Male (CACIB) he became also Winner of the Saarland 2014. At the end he became BOB!
We are so proud of our Blacksugar Luis!
For the good organisation as well as for the kind judging we want to say thank you to the special line & team and to the judge Horst Kliebenstein



Email from judge Heather Wiles-Fone about the show in Börsborn

…will appear in the next LCD Club newspaper.


Firstly, I would like to thank the Labrador club of Deutschland for inviting me to judge their show in Borsborn on 3 rd May .This was an occasion I was really looking forward to and the venue was perfect for a dog show .The ring was of a good size and the tent set up with a display of wonderful rosettes and prizes. My secretary Antje and ring steward Nicole were very efficient and enabled me to get through the large entry in good time . Thank you to you both .
I enjoyed the judging and was impressed with the quality. Heads were particularly good , none overdone , and I was especially impressed with the lovely reach of necks flowing into well placed shoulders.
It is impossible to make a report on all the winners but I feel the B.O.B deserves a mention .
Black Sugar Luis ………an outstanding black dog , teeming with quality and presented in excellent condition , his coat absolutely gleaming . He excels in his super construction and breed type , clean in outline , plenty of substance throughout . This dog has enormous ring presence and flowed round the ring with great style when moving .He was completely at one with his handler and never put a foot wrong .
The Best Bitch ……A Positive Mystery Be My Adele ……beautiful yellow with lovely head and kind expression ,excellent angulation front and rear, great depth of body with powerful hindquarters enabling her to move with drive . I loved her overall type and super quality and she too was presented to perfection .
Finally Nicole Visel and her team did a brilliant job in organising the show and making it such a success …..I cannot let it pass without mentioning the caterers ……the lunch was delicious !
I thoroughly enjoyed the appointment and appreciated the hospitality I received . I wish the club continued success.
Heather Wiles-Fone

Kind Regards


Very happy back from the 9. Championship Show of the Belgian Labrador Retriever Club.

Today our Blacksugar Luis
Lux.Jgd.-/NL-Jgd.-/Belg.Jgd.-/LCD.JGD-/VDH.JGD-CH. Jgd.Win.Amsterdam/LCD Clubsieger 2014
(A Sense of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza) in the Intermediate Class in Ardooie and could win his class with EXE1. He got the CAC and became BOS at the end.
Many thanks to Thierry Onkelinx for the very good Organisation and the Catering as well as to the judge Frank Gilroy for the very nice judging.


Good labrador of excellent typ, beautiful head, neck and shoulders, short coupled, good topline and tailset, excellent quarters, lovely tight feet, moved with drive



LCD-SRA Clubshow „30 Years LCD e.V.“ in Dreieich

Judge: Richard Edwards (GB) / 113 reported Hunde
Today our Blacksugar Luis / Lux.Jgd.-/NL-Jgd.-/Belg.Jgd.-/LCD.JGD-/VDH.JGD-CH. Jgd.Win.Amsterdam (A Sense Of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza) won the strong Intermediate Class with an EXC1. Then he was chosen for Best Male so that he becomes Clubwinner 2014! Finally he becomes Best of Breead (BOB).
Thank you to the special line with team for the good organisation and the very nice presents and to the judge Richard Edwards for the pleasant judge as well as for the very wonderful report!!!!


Top clan! Really high quality! Very typical, super outline, I love his head, good lenths of muzzle, good reach, strong neck, good ribs, compact & strong, excellent coat, moved ok, superb showman, beautifully handled. Flashed the judge!



LCD-VDH SRA, Alpen (D) V2, Res.-Anw. Dt. CH. (VDH)


19 months, very harmonious typey male, excellent proportions, correct scissors, eyes and ears, excellent neck, shoulder position and angulations, good forechest and body, suitable bone strength, strong loin, nice coat and otter tail, moves almost parallel with good thrust and foreleg, well presented!


Judge: Brigitte Jörgensen (DK)


VDH Int. Ausstellung Dortmund (D) V1,Anw. Dt. CH. (VDH)

Masculine head, dark eye, correct set on, good forechest, depth and ribcage, closed paws, short well angulated conformation, correct tail, even movement with small weaknesses in the forehand.

Judge: Herbert Kleemann (D)


VDH Europasieger Ausstellung Dortmund (D) V2,Res. Anw. Dt. CH. (VDH)


„Good head, good topline and tailset, I would prefer better front angulation, very good rear, good-moving dog“


Judge: Manolo Queijeiro (MEX)


Today A Sense Of Pleasure’s Travel Devil „Travis“

(Time Square Ulysses x Int.Sh.Ch.Coco Loco’s Tea Cup) Comes to us. We are very happy about this little, beautiful Boy. Thank you to Katrin & Ullrich Korff and Sander Nugteren.



Heart ultrasound examination of our Luis

We are very happy: All results are fine…..without any findings. EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!


Belgian Retriever Club (Linter)

Jugde Michael Wiest (USA)
A Long show-Weekend Ends.Jug.
Our Blacksugar Luis – Jug. Ch. GER VDH&LCD, LUX, NL & B
(A Sense Of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza)
Once again Blacksugar Luis could convince in the Intermediate Class and gets an EXC 1


Very nice dog with good topline, coat and rear. Would like to see more angulation in the front. Movement OK. Well shwon



SRA Börsborn

Judge Heather Wiles-Fone (GB)
Blacksugar Luis – Jug.-Ch. GER VDH&LCD, LUX, NL & B
(A Sense Of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza)
In a strong group Blacksugar Luis could win the Intermediate class and gets an EXE 1 (Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH & LCD CAC) and becomes Best Male of the day. At the end he becomes BOB (Best of Breed)!!!!


Eyecatching black, displaying superb balance and class. Well shaped head, lovely clean neck, flowing into well placed shoulders. Deep through the chest and body. Superb coat, short coupled, strong topline with tail coming straight of the back, strong well developed quarters, enabling him to cover the ground with ease when moving. Shows attentively a top quality labrador.

Thanks to the judge for the very nice report as well as for the kind words.
It was a very, very good exhibition at a wonderful place, well organized. Thanks to the special line and the helpers!!!!!!



APD/A in Düren


Nero took part in a dummy test for the first time today and got a „very good“ with 69 points.
Many thanks to judge Ronald Pfaff for the fair and good judging!
Furthermore we would like to thank the helpers and the hunter.
We would also like to thank Karel van Loo, Marita Rehbein and Timo Hake for their support during the training.
Thanks to Dagmar Emmerich for the great photo.



CACIB VDH in Lingen

We are very happy about th result of our Blacksugar Luis – ‚ 26.09.2012 – today 19 months
( A Sense Of Pleasure’s I’m A Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza)
Excellent 1 in the Intermediate class and BOB
Many thanks for the very nice report to the jugde Dagmar Winter.


„top quality, correct in all parts, masculine head, top expression, strong neck, top topline, correct chest, correct angulations. Moves very well . “


SRA in Neustadt

Under judge Yvonne Jaussi (CH) our Blacksugar Luis GER LCD&VDH, LUX, B & NL-Jug.-Ch. (A Sense of Pleasure’s I’m a Joker x Blacksugar Ibiza) got a V1 and won the intermediate class (Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, LCD-CAC). Afterwards he also became Best Male (BOS).

For the nice judging as well as the great report we thank the judge and for the good organization Annette Borcherding and her team.


very strong harmonious male of correct size, masculine head with medium stop, strong neck, excellent shoulder position, somewhat steep upper hand, excellent depth of chest, short strong loin, correctly set and carried tail. Moves fluently, very well presented.