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2 Labbis on Tour

CRUFTS im National Exhibition Centre (NEC) / Birmingham, GB

This year we had – after 2014 – again the honor to present our dogs at Crufts („….the biggest dog show worldwide“ / source Wikipedia). After our Blacksugar Luis is Crufts qualified for life, also our A Sense Of Pleasure’s Travel Devil „Travis“ got the qualification for 2016 and it was clear to us directly: CRUFTS …we are coming!


Although there was still enough time until then, it went directly to the implementation of our trip. So the vacation was made firm so that we could book the ferry and the hotel. Impatiently we waited then for the registration portal to be opened so that we could register our dogs online and finally we held the mail confirmations happily in our hands. Already a few weeks before the show our entry tickets, parking tickets, etc. arrived by mail, which showed us how good and tight the organization was.


A few days before the show the excitement increased and now it was time to make the last preparations. Packing suitcases and bags for us and the dogs, providing kennels and chairs, packing food, etc. But the most important thing was to get the vaccination cards, show documents and booking confirmations ready, because without them we wouldn’t have gotten far.


So it went then on Thursday, March 09, 2016 very early in the morning in a good mood towards Calais, to put over from there with the ferry to Dover. We arrived on time shortly before departure of the ferry, could go directly on board and already a few minutes later it went off. Arrived in Dover, we went directly to our hotel, which was located a little outside of Birmingham. Now it was time to go for a walk, have fun and relax with our boys, who were very sweet the whole trip and slept most of the time. In the evening we ate something, then did a little evening round and then it was „off to bed“, because we wanted to be fit for the big day.


Finally, the long-awaited show day was here. Very early – 5.30 a.m. we went to the show ground NEC, because the judging should start at 8.00 a.m. (Early Judging), because there were more than 600 entries in the Labradors.


Arriving at the exhibition grounds, we were quickly and smoothly guided to our parking space. Just as quickly and without long queues we got into the hall. A quick look in the catalog and based on our numbers we soon found our benches. There were already the exhibition numbers ready. Now we had to wait until the Yearling Class (33 entries) was judged and we could enter the ring with our Travis.


The judge Gary Johnson took his time for each dog and did not make it easy. Travis did his job very well and showed great, but in the end he didn’t get any further.


Again we had to wait until the other classes were judged and finally Luis had his turn in the Open Class, which was the strongest class of the day with 41 entries. Together with the high quality competitors Luis presented himself from his best side.

He ran his round on the green carpet full of verve, showed himself great in the up and down in front of the judge and posed concentrated. After the judge had seen all dogs, he made his pre-selection of 10 dogs (8 yellow & 2 black). Our excitement was rising, because Luis was there. Again the judge examined all the males, had them all run again, and then made his placements 1-5 (in England 5 dogs are placed). We could hardly believe it: Luis was placed on the 5th place (VHC = Very Highly Commended). Overjoyed and proud we stood there and could hardly believe it.


All in all, it was a successful trip and we were very happy to meet many dear friends there from home and abroad as well as to have many nice conversations.


At this point we would also like to thank all the clubs that organize the shows (among others with the awarding of the Crufts qualification), all the special lines with their teams, who make the shows possible with their commitment, as well as the judges who take the time to judge the dogs.

For us it was an unforgettable experience and we will be glad to participate again next year!