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LCD-SRA „Nightshow“ 26.05.2018 / Judge: Mark Rawlinson, GB

LCD-SRA „Clubshow“ 27.05.2018 / Judge: Jane Rawlinsons, GB


On this extremely hot and humid weekend we participated in the LCD-SRA „Nightshow“ & „Clubshow“ in Erfstadt-Gymnich. It was a full success and with our boys we can be happy about the following results:


Belg. Jgd. Ch. Atticus For Loch Mor „Tico
– Intermediate class (6 entries) – V4
– Intermediate class (6 entries) – V2, Res. Antw. CH-VDH


Loch Mor Budweiser „Scotty
– Open class (6 entries) – V2, Res. Antw. CH-VDH
– Open class (9 entries) – V2, Res. Antw. CH-VDH


Ch. A Sense of Pleasure’s Travel Devil „Travis
– Champion class (6 entries) – V1 & Res. CAC LCD & CAC VDH.
– Champion class (7 entries) – V


C.I.E. Blacksugar Luis „Luis“
– Champion class (7 entries) – V1, CAC VDH & CLUBSIEGER LCD

Now that Luis has won the title of Club Winner LCD for the third time (2014, 2017, 2018), he says bye-bye to the club show for now and will not participate again until he is a veteran.


A special thanks to Jane Rawlinson & Mark for the very nice judging and high opinion of our dogs.

We had a lovely weekend and were able to enjoy the whole show with a nice social evening with very nice people