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A successful year-end at the Amsterdam Winner Show 2015

13.12.2015 / Judge: Hans Stigt (NL)


Our boys Travis & Luis with his sons showed themselves very well again and achieved wonderful results in very big classes:


Youth-Class / 12 entries

Nautical Joy Labrador Fogo – EXC

Nautical Joy Labrador Lewis Port – EXC1, Youth Winner Amsterdam 2015 & Crufts-qualified 2016


Intermediate-Class / 6 entries

A Sense of Pleasure’S Travel Devil – EXC1


Champion-Class / 11 entries

Blacksugar Luis – EXC1, Winner Amsterdam 2015 & BOB


Thank you to the showteam for the good organisation. Also thank you to the judge Hans Stigt for the kind judging as well as for the detailed and wonderful reports and the very nice words.